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The English equivalent of the Polish saying "chleba i igrzysk" is:

a) bread and games
b) bread and Olympics
c) bread and circuses
d) bread and carnival

The long running Broadway musical Guys and Dolls was filmed in 1955 starring Frank Sinatra and this famous American actor:

a) Marlon Brando
b) Robert Redford
c) Paul Newman
d) Jack Nicholson

The first electric traffic light in America was installed in 1914 in:

a) Los Angeles, California
b) Dallas, Texas
c) St. Louis, Missouri
d) Cleveland, Ohio

"The Iditarod" is a famous annual race that takes place in one of the American states.
What kind of race is it and where does it take place?

a) Auto race in Indiana
b) Horse race in Kentucky
c) Dog-sled race in Alaska
d) Motorcycle race in Idaho

On December 2, 1982 at the University of Utah, 61-year-old retired dentist Barney Clark,
became the first person to receive permanent artificial...

a) heart (serce)
b) kidney (nerka)
c) knee (kolano)
d) lung (pluco)

On February 12, 2004 a split of Barbie and Ken was announced. When did Barbie and Ken start "dating"?

a) 1961
b) 1971
c) 1982
d) 1989

The word "jeep" may be derived from Eugene the Jeep, a character from a popular cartoon.
Which cartoon is it?

a) Donald Duck
b) Tom and Jerry
c) Looney Tunes
d) Popeye

British historian, James Bryce once described one American city in this way: "Perhaps the most typically American place in America." Which city did he have in mind?

a) Boston
b) Chicago
c) Los Angeles
d) New York

In the movie Some Like It Hot (Pol zartem, pol serio) starring Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon (pretending to be a woman), Gerry (played by Lemmon) tells Osgood (played by Joe E. Brown):
"We can't get married at all... I'm a man." What's Osgood's reply?

a) It's OK, because I am a woman
b) Well, that presents a little problem
c) Well, nobody's perfect

d) Shut up and kiss me!

Which of the following female artists used to sing with the trip-hop band Wax Poetic?

a) Norah Jones
b) Shania Twain
c) Susan Tedeschi

d) Tori Amos

PC Convertible was the first laptop computer. When did IBM introduce this new product?

a) 1982
b) 1986
c) 1989

d) 1993

In 1996 Polish astronomer Aleksander Wolszczan was awarded the Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize by the American Astronomical Society. Wolszczan was an astronomy professor at a US university. Which one?

a) University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
b) University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill
c) Harvard University
in Cambridge
d) University of Texas in Austin

A common Maori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, which is usually translated as:

a) Land of Green Meadows
b) Land of the Long White Cloud
c) Land of Hills and Rivers

d) Land of Cheap Ice Cream and Black Sheep

In Poland it is known as Garbus, in France Coccinelle, in Italy Maggiolino, in Holland Kever, and in Brazil Fusca. What is Volkswagen Beetle known as in America?

a) hunch
b) ladybug
c) bug

d) hopper

Roger Zelazny, son of a Polish immigrant, is a famous American...

a) baseball player
b) poet
c) science-fiction writer

d) movie director

Which of these familiar sounding cities can you visit in the state of Idaho?

a) Parma
b) Malta
c) Paris
d) Moscow

In the movie Ocean's Eleven (and Ocean's Twelve) Matt Damon plays a character named:

a) Minus Cole
b) Linus Caldwell
c) Larry Mole
d) Clay Mondrell


Which of these actresses is a member of Mensa International with an IQ of 140?

a) Susan Sarandon
b) Meg Ryan
c) Geena Davis
d) Catherine Zeta-Jones


The Pizza Hut restaurant chain was launched in:

a) Boston, Massachusetts in 1947
b) Chicago, Illinois in 1932
c) Richmond, Virginia 1971
d) Wichita, Kansas 1958


Which US President was sometimes called Great Emancipator or Rail Splitter?

a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Andrew Jackson
d) Benjamin Harrison


In 1969 at the Academy Awards, two Oscars were awarded in the Best Actress category. One of them went to Barbra Streisand for Funny Girl. Who received the other one?
a) Vanessa Redgrave (Isadora)
b) Joanne Woodward (Rachel, Rachel)
c) Katharine Hepburn (The Lion in Winter)
d) Patricia Neal (The Subject Was Roses)


The War of 1812, also known as the British-American War, ended with...:
a) the Treaty of Greenville
b) the Treaty of Paris
c) the Treaty of Ghent
d) the Treaty of London


What is the highest military decoration awarded by United States of America?

a) Purple Heart
b) Legion of Merit
c) Medal of Honor
d) Navy Cross


What three animals were chosen to portray "Powder", "Coal" and "Copper", the three mascots of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics?

a) wolf, fox and prairie dog
b) deer, wild boar and mouse
c) snowshoe hare, coyote and American black bear
d) white bear, penguin and eagle


Which of these animals does not belong to President Bush and his family?

a) Barney (dog)
b) Miss Beazley (dog)
c) India (cat)
d) Amadeus (cat)


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