Couch Potatoes

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "New Warsaw Express"

More than anything else, Poles like to watch TV and eat, a recent consumer survey indicates. They might not appreciate art, but they value clean clothes just as much as communication. Vacuuming may not be a favourite pastime, exactly, but nearly every Polish household owns a vacuum cleaner.
How do we know this? NWE took a look at a consumer appliance ownership report published earlier this week by the CBOS opinion research centre. Ninety-five percent of Polish families own a TV and a fridge, 92 percent said they have a vacuum cleaner, 77 percent owned up to a landline phone and an automatic washing machine. Mobile phone users make up 57 percent of the population.
They're not quite following the American couch potato model, though - the survey also showed more people (74 percent) own bikes than cars (57 percent).
Music-lover tallies include radio owners in 65 percent of households and tape player users in 54 percent. Thirty-seven percent of the 1057 Poles polled said they have more than 20 CDs, while 35 percent of households said they own more than 50 books.
Art? A measly 4 percent of households said they own "art".


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