The area of the northern part of Poland stretching from Kashubia to the Elbląg Heights has a varied landscape. Kashubia is a part of the Baltic Heights (average height 50-60m), and Wieżyca (329m) is the highest point there. Kashubia is covered by huge tracts of forest with many kinds of trees both coniferous and deciduous. The place is a wildlife sanctuary. Post-glacial lakes and extensive post-glacial valleys are to be found in Kashubia, and they usually run from the Bay of Gdańsk southwards.

The northernmost tip of Poland is Cape Rozewie, and principal coastal towns and cities are Hel, Jastarnia, Władysławowo, Sopot, Gdynia and Gdańsk. These last three cities, generally referred to as the Tri-City, are situated along the coast of the Bay of Gdańsk and they are adjacent to the morainal hills. The towns adjoin each other with Gdynia and Sopot lying to the north-west of Gdańsk. The transport of people is well organized in the Tri-City, thanks to the municipal railway. The conurbation is the main urban centre of northern Poland.

Żuławy is a wide territory to the east of the Vistula River. Being the longest Polish river, the Vistula runs through the entire country and finally enters the Baltic sea via a number of mouths. The area is mostly agricultural and it is covered with an extensive network of canals and ditches. It constitutes the only low-lying region in Poland. The Nogat, an arm of the Vistula River which enters the Vistula Lagoon, is supposed to be the only attractive feature of the region; the rest of it seems to be monotonous and colourless. The Vistula Sandbar, on which the winds have formed large dunes, separates the Vistula Lagoon from the Baltic, and shelters it from the destructive impact of the Baltic sea.

To the south of the Vistula Lagoon lies the town of Elbląg. It is the biggest town in Żuławy and it is situated on the Elbląg River. Between Elbląg and Gdańsk lies Tczew, which has a strategic situation as a place where the roads from Poznań, Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk converge. The region between Tczew and Elbląg is known as the Vistula delta.

Finally, there are also places of importance for tourists ­ for example, the town of Frombork and the cstle at Malbork. In summer a few villages situated at the seaside function as tourist-centres, above all Krynica Morska, Stegna, Piaski, Jantar and Kąty Rybackie.

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